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    Prefix spaces for each line in a string

    My code generator requires to generate code with right indentation, so I need to prefix spaces for each line of a string. After google the world, there isn’t a out-of-box solution for me to use, finally I came up with my own solution:

    internal static string Indent(this string content, int level = 1) =>
        string.Join(Environment.NewLine, content
            .Split(new[] { "\r\n" }, StringSplitOptions.None)
            .Select(_ => $"{(_ == string.Empty ? string.Empty : new string(' ', level * 4))}{_}")

    Usage like this:

    var result = str.Indent();

    Use Roslyn to generate semantic code

    Scenario: I have made some utilities to generate C# code, however, I just utilize literal string with string.format, which is not good enough after Roslyn come out. So I tried to generate semantic code using Roslyn.

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