hexo-admin - An Admin Interface for Hexo[JS]

#Javascript #Hexo

Basic Information

  • Name: hexo-admin
  • Version: 0.1.3
  • License: ISC
  • Description: The administrator interface for static blogging program Hexo

My wife don’t program, to better use Hexo, I downloaded this plug-in. With its help, my wife can easily edit her Hexo Blog in an intuitive way.

It’s really great, however it lack one important feature – Delete Post, so I added it in fork of wizicer.

I found another really annoying bug of Hexo itself, which made this plug-in less useful: every time you save file, a duplicated post would appear in local Hexo blog.

(edit: since Hexo 3.0, this issue has been fixed)

The blog of my wife is about photograph, there are lots of opportunity to embed image in blog. She complains a lot about images. Currently, she would like to upload to some place else and then paste the url. There is an open issue raised by author of this plug-in about enhance it with image upload.

There are another severe issue, a new page would be created when you try to edit title, the expected behavior should be rename the page.

(edit: just quick glance, it looks fixed in latest 0.2.0)


Framework Components

  • body-parser : middleware to parse body of http request,not support multipart bodies (used in upload file). One of you must have component in server development. Recently, I prefer using busboy.
  • serve-static : easy to understand by its name, serve static files in server. It used to serve image and style files.
  • react : very famous UI framework maintained by Facebook, it acts as View in MVC architecture.
  • react-router : router library for react, it acts as Controller in MVC architecture.

Basic Components

  • es6-promise : lightweight library for organizing asynchronous, with its help, you can write asynchronous code like writing synchronous code.
  • lodash : a library like underscore with more function,the basic usage is same.
  • lodash : 比underscore功能更加丰富的库,基本使用方法都是一样的,顾名思义也知道这个是后出来希望替代其前辈的基本类库,主要是为js带来一系列函数式编程体验的扩展方法。
  • marked : 一个markdown解析库,自称效率极高。

Special Components

  • moment : 功能丰富的用于操作日期时间的库,可以方便的将时间转换成适合人类阅读的样式(例如:30分钟前)。
  • code-mirror : 非常著名的在线代码编辑器,在本程序中主要用于markdown的高亮。需要注意的是在npm上面,该组件已经更名为codemirror
  • superagent : 使用流式接口(Fluent API)的优雅且功能丰富的HTTP操作(Ajax)组件。
  • superagent-browserify : 使得superagent可以和browserify一起工作的封装。
  • reactify : 使得转换JSX的功能(主要用在React框架中的一种文件格式)可以和browserify一起工作的封装,本工程中主要用于制作demo站点。


Other Components






  • npm test: 运行测试方法,不过该工程没有一个测试用例,且该命令会告诉你该命令不存在。
  • npm prepublish: 启动预发布状态,主要就是编译一下less文件。


  • grunt: 以开发状态启动,会监控磁盘文件变化。
  • grunt pub: 编译文件,准备发布。


Mark from 1-5, 5 is best

  • Code Clearness: 3
  • Easy to maintenance: 1
  • Light dependencies: 3
  • Stability: 1
  • Maintenance Frequency: 1

Note: this mark is from Icer, for your reference only